It's All In Good Taste

It's All In Good Taste

Beyond breakfast, snack on a Savi bar to help curb hunger throughout the day. Know that you can have a delightful, tasteful snack without having to feel guilty because it contains all natural ingredients, flavors and colors.

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<center>Dessert Was Meant To Be Eaten Guilt Free! </center>

Dessert Was Meant To Be Eaten Guilt Free!

Our Story



We’re challenging the status quo. We believe taste matters and that natural and nutritional indulgence shouldn’t hold you down.

How do you take the nutrition of a protein bar, unpack that, and put it back together in a much lighter, tastier treat? We took on that task with America’s favorite meal in mind: dessert.

As passionate taste enthusiasts, Savi provides a protein bar alternative that keeps you on the go and feeling great where each bar satiates hunger and helps build muscle.

At Savant Naturals, we decided to create a hybrid unlike any other: The Savi Crisp Bar. While creating this wholesome treat, we didn’t give up on flavor—we made it a priority! Not only is each bar tasty, but also light, crispy and balanced!

Savi Bars are gluten-free, with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, 15g of protein, 7g of fiber, and 5g of sugar—it’s great for your body and even better for your taste buds.